What we propose

We use our domain and technology expertise to bring your business ideas to life through development of high-quality and cost-effective software solutions
Full Cycle Development

We offer full software development life cycle services from business analysis and basic concept creation to solution prototyping, implementation and delivery. We serve development strategy consulting for your software solutions as well as post-release maintenance and support. We implement your ideas to compete in the fast-paced environment based on our expertise.

High Secure Software

Security is a must have for most of businesses nowadays. And software security is a crucial component for any solutions development. Following ISO/IEC 27001, 27002, 15408 standards and globally recognised COBIT framework we provide a solid approach to combat potential high tech hacking.

High-load Solutions

We are able to create responsive and fast systems with the focus on load balancing and fault tolerance. Using cutting-edge technologies, we can meet our client’s needs related to reliable high-performance software especially for FinTech. Optimization and careful architecture development are the core of our approach to such requests.​​

Database Design Services

We simplify your efforts in handling organized data through building structurally sound custom database models. We offer data categorisation, determination of relationships and data structuring according to the pattern appropriate for your business. Database scalability and data normalisation are the key features that boost a designed by us DB system productivity.​

Complex Solutions

Our proven expertise allows us to deliver complex solutions from device drivers programming to customized financial systems. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the low-level system software as well as solid experience in implementing complex systems based on cutting-edge technologies and brand-new approaches.


We offer different types of consulting services to our clients, which are strictly focused on their needs and support their activities on various stages of software development life cycle and, if necessary, business related process. Individual solution architecture, implementation of the best cyber security practices, feasibility study of your project from technical and business perspective, support of software products to maintain their competitive edge, project management of distributed teams, business analysis of new solutions are just a part of the full range of services that we are able to deliver.​

What we use

Technology spectrum, on which we are mostly focused:


w.ALGO holds the experience to take on backend challenges for any scale and complexity, using the right technologies to build an effective architecture.


Database solutions proposed by w.ALGO foster data access at all times to support business operations, analysis, and decision making for achieving efficiency.


w.ALGO experts boost the chances to achieve commercial objectives with engaging user interfaces based on the state-of-the-art front-end technologies.

Where we are experts

We provide a wide range of software solutions to assist our customers in digital transformation of their businesses with a special focus on the following industries:


The world of finance is on the way to its rapid and fundamental change towards digital transformation. Due to this change the global financial sector is expected to be worth US$26.5 trillion in 2022 with a CAGR of 6%. As a result, fintech offers core financial services at the heart of financial systems all over the globe, alongside traditional banks. The digital transformation is a challenging process for financial institutions and w.ALGO has a necessary expertise to assist in transforming old legacy systems to compete in the today’s digital world.
Having a deep understanding of banking sector, w.ALGO devotes a particular focus on data protection, security, fraud prevention and thoroughly sticks to regulatory compliances. w.ALGO delivers custom financial software and consulting services to help privately-owned, governmental and public-sector financial institutions and companies to grow their businesses easily, quickly, legally and confidentially.

Electric power industry

The electric power industry is the groundwork of the industrial world, supplying commercial, industrial, manufacturing and residential customers with essential energy. The electricity sector faces a significant challenge of coping with the ever-increasing demand for electrical power as the energy consumption worldwide is predicted to grow by more than 40% over the next 25 years. Thus, the smart solutions and renewable energy look as the most effective ways to address the challenge.
w.ALGO’s team has an experience in development software solutions for market players’ daily operations and electricity consumption predictions based on the big data processing with the use of AI.​

Travel & Hospitality

The travel industry has been at the forefront of digital innovation and continues to be transformed at an exponential rate across the globe. New digital technologies pervade every area of tourism and have left no segment of the travel ecosystem untouched, changing consumer behaviour radically. Together with a steady industry growth during the last decade, digitalisation is expected to create up to US$305 billions of value for the industry through increased profitability in 2016-2025.
w.ALGO experts have a proved expertise in software development that helps companies to manage a wide range of travel products. These products respond to different challenges like enhancement of organisations’ profitability, improvement of business process productivity, activities monitoring and control, competitive services delivery to end customers.

Media & Advertising

Media and advertising is another digitally disrupted market. For instance, digital advertising has already overlapped traditional media in the US and continues to attract tremendous investment across the world. As consumer behavior shapes the advertising market today, the custom ad tech solutions are a better choice to guarantee flexibility and ability to collect all the data under one roof.
w.ALGO offers their software development services and industry expertise to design, develop and integrate custom solutions tailored to its client’s business needs. Our industry experience includes extensive knowledge of broadcasting and traditional advertising with implementation of ad booking and order management solutions, but is not limited to them.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (CSM) is a backbone of the economy, providing the efficient, cost effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend. Its global market size was valued at $15.85 billion in 2019, and is projected to double in less than 8 years. Due to domination of the large enterprise segment, the industry demonstrates a significant rise in need for real-time analytical platforms to assist in the collection of key business data.
w.ALGO specialists are well familiar with domain challenges thanks to their past experience in development of on-premise SCM system to supply transportation and logistics for automotive industry. The software manages the flow of spare parts and information across the supply chain network.

How we work

What we do follow

ISO/IEC 15408

An international standard for IT products’ security certification


A framework created by ISACA for information technology management and IT governance

ISO/IEC 27001

An international standard on how to manage information security within the context of the organization

ISO/IEC 27002

An international standard with best practice recommendations on information security controls to be used

Why us

w.ALGO is a team of professionals who are capable of delivering projects of any complexity – from low-level programming of device drivers to sophisticated software solutions – including the ability to offer turn-key embedded services in a number of technological domains.

Our team of experts has solid experience in work with SMEs, large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and European governmental organisations that allows us to strengthen competitive advantage for our clients and provide unique added values.

w.ALGO’s business philosophy is to assure services of premium quality, high client satisfaction, timely delivery and tangible return of investment.

We are focusing on building long-term relationship with our clients.

Take advantage of our professional expertise and contact us.





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